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The National Olympic Committee published its report on the achievements of Emirati sports in 2022, during official sessions in which national teams participated in many sports at the Gulf, regional or global level, and this year witnessed the addition of 5 new federations to the membership. Olympic Committee.

Where he joined 3 federations of the first “Olympic” category, namely “Modern Pentathlon”, “Badminton” and “Tatlon Federation”, and other categories of “non-Olympic” federations included “squash” and “Muay” Thai and kickboxing federations.

The report states that the number of UAE medals in 3 tournaments was 68 medals, and UAE sports managed to win 50 medals (18 gold, 16 silver and 16 bronze) at the beginning of overseas participation and won the third place in the third. Gulf Games in Kuwait (May 2022).

At the end of the session, the Olympic Committee received the flag of the General Secretariat of the Cooperation Council, marking the UAE as the host of the first Gulf Youth Games in 2023.

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of the Olympic Committee, welcomed the brothers from the GCC countries to the first edition of “Gulf Youth”, and His Highness indicated that the opportunity to meet the brothers in another sports a forum that brings together all athletes in the homeland to record a new chapter of Cohesion and harmony among the people of the Gulf nation.

Positive results

Globally, the UAE won 8 medals (two gold, one silver and 5 bronze) at the World Games (Birmingham 2022).

The Jiu-jitsu national team won 5 medals (two gold, one silver and two bronze), the Muay Thai national team won two bronzes, and the team in free diving and water skiing won bronze. The United Arab Emirates moved up 10 places in the cumulative World Games table to reach 56th place out of 102 countries, and were ranked 66th in the tenth edition in 2017.

Solidarity games

The United Arab Emirates won 10 medals at the Islamic Solidarity Games in the Turkish city of Konya (3 gold, two silver and 5 bronze), which came through cycling, judo and bow and arrow for the determined people. Scratch.”

The participation of the UAE in Konya is the best in the history of participation in the Islamic Solidarity Games, since the first edition in Jeddah in 2005.

In which the UAE won 5 medals, two silver and 3 bronze, and the third session in Palembang, Indonesia, 2013, in which the UAE won one silver and 3 bronze, while the UAE won 4 medals (silver and 3 bronze) in the fourth edition in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, 2017.

quality copies

During 2022, the Olympic Committee organized qualitative copies of its annual initiatives and programs, and started the year by organizing the seventh edition of the National Sports Day.

In addition to other activities that were held as part of “Expo 2020 Dubai”, which consisted of 33 different activities, various activities were held in various emirates in the country to celebrate this occasion that everyone, institutions, bodies and individuals, waiting for express the extent of the love of the Emirates.


On the ninth of March last year, the Olympic Committee celebrated the event “International Women’s Day” in the Fazaa pavilion of the Ministry of Interior at the headquarters of “Expo 2020 Dubai”, with the presence and participation of a number of female elements from various sports and public agencies and institutions in the country.

On June 23, the committee organized “Olympic Day” activities in partnership with the Dubai Police General Command, represented by the Dubai Police Club, with the participation of 2,036 individuals from all segments of society and many public and sports agencies. was held under the slogan “Sport for Peace”.

During the current year, the committee tried to hold joint bilateral meetings with representatives of the Olympic movement at the regional and international level with the aim of strengthening relations, strengthening ties of cooperation and exchange of experiences, in such a way as to achieve the desired benefit for all. and visits included the Polish, Ugandan, Bahraini, Kuwaiti and Saudi Olympic Committees.

In addition to the Ministry of Sports in Turkey, the International Olympic Committee, the Sports Federation of Islamic Solidarity and the Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Tatarstan, two memorandums of understanding were signed each with the Uzbekistan Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sports. Defense in terms of income partnerships.


The Committee strengthened its presence in events that highlight the characteristics of the Olympic Movement at the Gulf, Continental and Global levels through attendance at many meetings held during the year, as the Committee participated in the 93rd meeting of the Executive Office of the Council of Their Highnesses, Excellencies and Excellencies, the heads of the Gulf Olympic Committees last January.

She participated in the General Assembly meeting of the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation in Konya, Turkey last August, and participated in the 41st General Assembly of the Olympic Council of Asia in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, with the presence and monitoring of 44 Asian Olympic Committees. The committee was represented by Eng. Azza bint Suleiman, Assistant Secretary General for Administrative and Financial Affairs of the Olympic Committee.

The committee participated in the meeting of the General Assembly no. of the board, accompanied by Mohammed bin Darwish, executive director of the board.

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of the National Olympic Committee, led the country’s delegation that participated in the 34th meeting of Their Highnesses, Excellencies and Excellencies, Heads of Olympic Committees of the Gulf Cooperation Council, held last October in Riyadh.

At the 34th meeting of the leaders of the Gulf Olympic Committees, gratitude was expressed to the United Arab Emirates, represented by the Olympic Committee headed by His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, for hosting the first edition of the Gulf Youth Games in 2023. The meeting evaluated the efforts of the United Arab Emirates in supporting Arab sports and encouraging Olympic sports, especially in the context of the Gulf.

The Olympic Committee participated in a symposium on equal opportunities between the sexes in the sports field in Bahrain, in the presence of a group of senior Olympic leaders at the continental and international level, and in the regional Olympic Solidarity Forum organized by the Olympic Council of Asia in Riyadh, with the presence of representatives of 44 Asian Olympic Committees .


The Olympic Sports Medicine Committee has achieved many successes during 2022, the most famous of which is Dubai receiving the right to host the 38th edition of the International Sports Medicine Conference, scheduled for 2024 through an integrated file in collaboration with the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai. dr. Hashel Al Tunaiji, Chairman of the Sports Medicine Committee of the Olympic Committee, has been granted membership in the Development Committee of the International Federation of Sports Medicine.

dr. Abdullah Al-Rahoumi, vice-chairman of the Olympic Committee’s Sports Medicine Committee, was the first Emirati doctor to receive a sports medicine certificate from the International Olympic Committee, in addition to winning membership in the Executive Committee of the Asian Sports Medicine Organization.


Last June, the National Olympic Academy celebrated the graduation of the first group of members of the Executive Director and Technical Director of Sports Federations program.

The Academy also organized 10 courses, seminars and workshops for sports games in a specialized way for the training of coaches and referees associated with sports associations, in addition to signing 3 memorandums of understanding with each of the General Sports Authority, Emirates Center for Sports Science and Sports Medicine and Sports Center Quattro.


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