Harvest of the Greater Cairo Library 2022… 260 cultural and artistic events for workshops, seminars and book launches

The sector for cultural production continued with artistic and cultural activities for the public during 2022, under the auspices of the Minister of Culture dr..

In the following lines, we present the harvest of activities of the Great Cairo Library during the year 2022:

The Grand Library of Cairo and its branch, the Library of Islamic Civilization in the Citadel, under the supervision of Professor Yasser Othman, Director of the Grand Library of Cairo, organized a series of (260) different cultural and artistic events during 2022, including workshops, cultural seminars, book launches , competitions, art exhibitions and cultural trips.

children’s field

The children’s library and its branch in the castle held rich cultural and artistic content, including: Workshop called «Astronomy and celestial bodies»Workshop called «In our house, the world is small»recycling workshop, animation workshop.

The library held an art workshop for the children of Hospital 57357, which was visited by the Zamalek Community School «Kindergarten and primary school»Receiving visits from primary and secondary school students as part of the program «Cairo.. Origin, development and the New Republic» On the occasion of the election of the city of Cairo as the capital of Islamic culture.

Youth activities

With regard to young people, the Library and the Branch in Kaštela during 2022 conducted a series of activities, including: a workshop called «weather changes»And a cultural symposium under the title «Patriotism»The seminar entitled «The role of literature in shaping the personality of young people and suppressing intellectual extremism»And a cultural meeting of young people about employment skills and how to pass personal interviews. Cultural and artistic meeting to present the creativity and artistic talents of young people»(singing – music – photography)

The library organized an archaeological tour of the mosques of Sultan Hassan and Al-Rifai, an archaeological visit to the Geyer Anderson Museum, a cultural symposium called «Electronic extortion and dealing with arguments and rumours»And receiving visits from Al-Azhar University students, marking the International Volunteer Day».

The library organized the event «Cairo is the capital of Islamic culture» And its branch in the Citadel during 2022, a series of seminars, exhibitions and visits to archaeological sites, including: a cultural symposium and the opening of an art exhibition called «Funerary architecture of contemporary Egypt»Cultural symposium to discuss the book «Al-Darb Al-Ahmar – historical Cairo» dr. Hossam Ismail, a cultural symposium entitled «Mamluk architecture.. Sultan Hassan’s mosque as a model»Archaeological excursion to the palace of Prince Taz, cultural symposium entitled Historical development of Cairo through the centuries»An exhibition of art works entitled «An oasis of creativity» Artist Emad Al-Fayed’s cultural symposium entitled «Stories from Cairo inspired Moez»An art exhibition called «Contemporary plastic vision from heritage to modernity” by Morcos Fares.

Seminar and workshop called «Cairo’s historical heritage »Receiving group delegation visits «Discover Egypt» To get to know the archaeological sites in Cairo, a cultural symposium called «Revival of heritage and old handicrafts»Opening of the plastic exhibition for the Republic Art Forum «Arabic calligraphy – sculpture – manual and traditional art» .

Creations of women’s fingertips in the field of women’s rights

In the field of women’s rights, the Library and its branch in the Citadel during 2022 discussed a number of important women’s issues through a series of seminars, including: Cultural symposium entitled «Egyptian women in the new republic» On the occasion of International Women’s Day, a cultural symposium called «The role of Egyptian women in building character»Exhibition of female caricatures «Women’s creations » On the occasion of the Egyptian Women’s Day, a cultural symposium called «offer codes» To honor mothers with special abilities»Award ceremony of the Nawal Mustafa Competition for Women Entrepreneurs 2022. «Handicrafts and environmentally friendly products»Caricature exhibition «traveled symbols »Cultural symposium «Climate change and women in the New Republic»Introductory cultural seminar called «Women and cervical cancer».

Determined people

And for our children of determination, the library and its branch in the castle during 2022 organized a series of activities, among them: a workshop on guiding prisoners on life skills, a cultural symposium called «Let disability be the beginning»Art workshop and drawing classes, cultural symposium entitled « People with disabilities are stars in the sky»Art workshop, plastic and recycling workshop, workshop «Concepts of environmental protection – green lines for people with disabilities»Workshop «Art education»Workshop for teaching drawing and caricature, a ceremony to honor distinguished academics among children of determination with the presentation of national circus performances and a play prepared by People of Determination, a cultural meeting in preparation for the International Forum of the People of Determination Foundation «Our boys» titled «We are all human»Celebrating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (artistic and sports sections), with a large number of workshops and lectures.

weather changes

In the field of climate change, the Library and its branch in the castle held a series of workshops and seminars in 2022, namely: Workshop called «weather changes»Workshop called «Women for the climate»Workshop called «Climate change and the role of civil society organizations»Workshop called «Consequences of climate change on soil desertification and food security».

The library participated in the activities of the cultural symposium called «weather changes» On the occasion of World Environment Day, a symposium was held in the Library of Alexandria «Climate change – the Chinese model» On the occasion of World Environment Day, a cultural symposium called «Climate change and women in the New Republic»Cultural symposium «environmental and climate management» Illumination of international rights and contracts cultural symposium entitled «Climatic variables and their impact on water resources» .

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