Imported cartoons.. Continuous brainwashing of children

“A child’s mind is a sponge; what it sees remains to influence it throughout life, especially in its basic stages, since it rests on its beliefs.” dr. Jamal Froiz, a famous professor of psychology, said this when I was on time working on a series of long-term investigations about the Egyptian child and his mind, and how the age of crime dropped to less than 15 years after he. This year, therefore, is the beginning of the appearance of murders planned by little fingers and mind copying.

Small minds between the hammer of extremism and the anvil of alienation and loss of value!

ISIS started this in the form of “promoting” support for “fake jihad”.

The latest Disney movie has angered Egyptians on social media

Proactive experiments with the label “Made in Egypt” foreshadowed the danger

And the latest studies and facts: Deadly “animation” drives children to suicide and murder

Researchers: The solution is to close cultural borders before the attacks of violent identity change, and the family must be a “filter”.

Around 2014, strange crimes began to appear where the accused were young in Egypt, at a time when children were being used as young terrorists after being brainwashed by ISIS from the age of 5 in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS, to which we have woken up, produces cartoons on YouTube and social media and sends them to whoever it appeals to, from children as young as 11, whose mothers and fathers keep leaving them as prey for those who pick them up. on the Internet, especially the social network Facebook, started as a group with psychology students playing in “brains” Children “with animation and their releases that were later announced for a group of games in which they tried to imitate the game “Gata” and instead of the game ending with ” Game Over” in case the attacked child loses, the phase ends with the words “Congratulations, you are killed”!!

“Gata”, also an imported animation, is devoid of terrorism and supports extremism. The game forces the child to attack the policemen, and in order to pass the stage he must kill or bribe them, and all this establishes “violence” and “hostility” in him. their world!!

“Muhammad N.” The 10-year-old child who tried to hang himself had it not been for his mother’s intervention after the Blue Whale animated game took him to another world of the order that almost brought him to his end or “Ahmed A” who did not blow out 11 of his candles at the time and caused the death of his school a colleague was killed because he tried to imitate one of the violent scenes in the cartoon game and others!

Whoever introduced us to the world of the “ISIS cartoon” was “Ammar,” an extraordinary student who they managed to recruit from the Internet from the age of eleven, and brainwashed him to reach the first terrorist in Egypt at the age of seventeen. knives in a terrorist operation.

Our deep study of Ammar’s life as a child, of whom his aunt sadly said, “His brain was licked and taken from us in an instant.” It proved that throughout his life, as his clip said, he missed his role as a mannequin or hero, just as the generations before him had famous and Arabic cartoons such as “The Captain.” Majed” and “The Masked Tiger” and others. He lacked the sweet imagination that would ignite his feelings and explode his hobbies and make him attach himself to a “cartoon” that was not directed, and he would follow it as “Bakkar”, “The Smurfs ” and “Kaaboul” .. He needed content to fill his void, but the period from 1999 to 2010 did not provide any meaningful content, except for a few, and the cartoon was absent and closed in the world of oblivion, so the child reached out with all his might for foreign channels that broadcast what corresponds to their values ​​and content, and threw their passion into the arms of a foreign cartoon.

It is true that in the past ten years, through many files and long investigations, we have come to the conclusion that there is a systematic identity change plan that certain companies insist on in order to change our original Arab principles and values, just as they have no problem with the presence of pornographic scenes in a cartoon product, which is in complete contrast to our societies so that the film comes into the world “strangely”. Which you present in international cinemas, and then it will be broadcast on channels and cause an outcry from the Egyptian audience on social networks, warning Egyptian families about the poison hidden in honey, like many episodes, which makes us stop at Arab societies, especially in conservative Egyptian society by nature, for a moment, to reshape what is presented to the minds of our children who are the youth of tomorrow, and we say “No to imported cardboard.”

However, we must applaud the pre-emptive attacks that also sensed the danger in advance and produced or sponsored initiatives to protect the mind of the Egyptian child over the past three years and were marked “Made in Egypt”, such as the film The Princess and the Knight by director Bashir El Deek, which dealt with the story of an Arab hero, in which Arab hands participated, and the film Sky Dragon, which dealt with the story of the first Egyptian pilots, predicting the Egyptian production of the first Egyptian plane, and is considered the first Egyptian film for the cinema with Egyptian hands, one hundred percent, and represented Egypt at the Ismailia International Festival, sponsored by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the National Center for Cinema, and produced by Taher Al-Azhari, and the film Heroes Forever, which embodied the Battle of Ismailia on January 25, as well. For the episodes Fatin and Bulbul , which were the subject of the same supervision and had great success, and were separate episodes that talked about a series of educational attitudes about the the unity of the child and produced by Dar Al Tahrir for printing and publishing and a number of other experiments

Cartoonist Abram expresses his opinion on the specifics of what should be presented. We need cartoons that are not directed and that do not rely primarily on graphics, because a child needs his imagination, so the two-day and three-day techniques are those used by the West, and by us. they need stories that create his imagination, which now suits him by far. About stereotypes and repetitions.

Many studies believe that the solution is to close cultural borders in the face of systematic attacks on identity change and to work on presenting what is appropriate for society, and that the basis is the family, which must share everything with its child. he looks and be filtered because his mind is a “sponge” that must be filled with everything useful to present a good young man to society instead of being forced to fill it with nonsense, violence or extremism during the years of non-discrimination, then he appears as a bad young man, because research shows that whoever makes films for children, whoever they are, is well aware of what they want to show.

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