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Lebanese prognosticator Michel Hayek announced his expectations regarding the most important events that will take place in Arab countries in the new year on New Year’s Eve, Saturday.

The following are the top expectations for Michel Hayek in 2023

The blood of Sherina Abu Aqelah achieves two victories
A new version of the Berlin Wall in Palestine
The Lions of the Den mission is not fake and it is thriving
Peace will come to Gaza
Military madness in Jenin
The sparks will not go out in Sheikh Jarrah
The whole revolution will sing about Muhammad Assaf

Prince Hamza’s page is not folded yet

The crises within the royal family have not yet been resolved

Syrian sport will emerge from obscurity
The Syrian army faces a tough test, but this will change the equations
Unusual storms will hit Tartous from above and below
Painful Syrian reaction in response to Israeli aggression

Saudi Arabia
Cups, medals and sports points for Saudi women
Two important questions: Who is the new heir to the throne? Why is there a new heir to the throne?
– Prince Muhammad bin Salman to Aleppo to conduct dialogue and reconciliation at the same time
King Salman is at the center of news where fact and rumor overlap
– Boiling in the royal family, from liquidation to execution

The Sphinx is a mystery and a shock, and it will not remain a silent stone
Official mourning for a person dear to Egypt
– Regardless of the price, Sisi will take Egypt’s right to block the renaissance
Shock in the Egyptian economy
Rumors about withdrawal of money from Egyptian banks and then bankruptcy
What was impossible to collect in the Arab League will be collected
– Sherine Abdel Wahab in the revenge scene
– Adel Imam, in front of the golden pages

Emirates will say goodbye to a great personality
An unprecedented Emirati-Turkish step
Positive signs on disputed UAE islands
The competition between the UAE and Saudi Arabia will be an area of ​​cooperation and progress between the two countries
Amazing weather changes in the UAE

The fate of Tunisia’s oil revenues remains unknown
In a sudden moment and image, the Tunisian people wake up and have their say
Formation of pressure cells with the aim of removing some mobsters through the president
The beginning of bridging the gap between the media and the reality and truth happening on the ground of Tunisia
Enactment of modern laws to facilitate investment operations and discovery of vast gas wealth
– Latifa Al-Tunisia will undo the separation between success and success
Saber Al-Rubai will be in the spotlight with non-artistic work
Morocco, west, sunset
Big heads, famous faces, famous names, women and men who will answer for corruption
– The Moroccan king’s insistence on reconciliation will be stronger than Algeria’s insistence on rivalry
A famous Moroccan military figure in the betting market
International tourism investments in Morocco
Moroccan real estate is on the rise despite some earthquakes
– The emergence of a promising young generation whose football skills surpass the Moroccan champions who won in Qatar

A coup d’état in sensitive centers within the government, which will cause a shock and overthrow a well-known person
Danger surrounds the family of the Algerian president
Algerian women will move and overcome taboos
The world of Algerian aviation will take your breath away
Between the kidnapping, the seduction and the disappearance of a famous Algerian face
Cheb Khaled will face the event
– The Algerian president is making efforts for reunification, and suddenly he will succeed in one of his important steps


An Israeli woman will take the stage
– A minor will infiltrate an Israeli prison to cause a shock
We will listen and see the sting operation in a different way, and the strangest thing is its location and the people who were stabbed
A trip for Israeli tourists will turn into a tragedy
Rabbis will take the lead in the next phase, inside and outside of Israel
For once, the Israeli Knesset will be an unstable and insecure building
One day, not far away, there will be no more secrets or secrets between Israel and Saudi Arabia
– Events that will confuse and frighten Israel in the next phase, whose heroes are prisoners in prisons
Netanyahu vacillates between the health and security models
Netanyahu reminds people of his history with his fiery decisions and orders in the face of fire
Events will clash with one of the visits centered on Netanyahu
Gentile investment in Israel
Ben Gvir is looking for a spark to set things on fire

Cooking cooking then blasting number 2
Emergency order to open the doors of Omar al-Bashir prison
Israel in Sudan, Intelligence, Army and Mossad
Sudan is between a step back and a step forward, and things will get worse halfway through, and the challenge is the master of the situation

Arabic Misc
Images and scenes from the Arab site reminiscent of images and scenes from the explosion in the port of Beirut
The Arab Spring has been delayed in one of the regions, but it will soon blossom with a new name and style
The Ben Ali scenario in Tunisia brings back memories
– New files and unexpected events that will change the paths of Princess Haya’s personal life
Politicized and programmed media coverage following the steps of Khashoggi’s fiancee
– Captagon smuggled this time, not the quantity, it’s a scandal of name and fame, who will it be?
Ayman al-Zawahiri, even if he died, would work for the security agencies
OPEC withdrawals shake OPEC and the world
Arab sports professionalism will rival the leading countries in the world of sports
Suddenly, an impact will take over one of the Formula 1 tracks in the Arabian Gulf
Fashion week this time in the Arabic version and on the soil of the Gulf
– This time not the Bermuda triangle, this time the Arab triangle of identity bin Zayed, bin Salman and Tamim
Adjusting the equations in the Arab region, a new vision was drawn in the Arab and Persian countries by forming a force to attract the West and transfer it to the East. What is remarkable is that this mission will be accomplished and will require adventures, and these adventures are such that one can be exposed by accident or exposed in a premeditated way.

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