On the occasion of 2023, teach your child how to be happy?

New Year for a child is joy, a smile, hope in all that is positive and beautiful to come, and here is your opportunity, mom, to teach your child how to welcome the year 2023; Add new goals to your next life? How to become happy and optimistic? On the other hand, you will find many studies prepared to clarify the concept of happiness.. and thousands of poems have been written about happiness, in addition to psychiatric and pedagogical scientists; Who has devoted pages and books on how to teach a child to be happy and optimistic. Meeting with lecturer on human development Dr. Hussein Abdel Razek; For explanation and clarification.

1- New Year and more happiness

A child’s sense of happiness begins at an early age
  • Preparing for the New Year’s celebration does not only require bringing sweets and new clothes and inviting friends and family, but it is an opportunity for parents to add beautiful, new and useful qualities to their children.
  • And because the journey of a thousand miles spreads happiness, optimism and hope in your child’s life today and tomorrow.

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On the occasion of 2023, teach your child how to be happy?

The happiness of the children is the happiness of the mother
  • And before you teach your child happiness, be happy; Children are happy because of the happiness of the mother herself, and an unhappy mother cannot raise happy children.
  • A sense of security and a desire to achieve comes from a sense of comfort and happiness, so let the child discover his hobbies, assign him some responsibilities, teach him to appreciate the gratitude of others and value everything he says and does.
  • Do not reject the child’s attachment to his selfishness.. sometimes, and do not be angry at his self-love.. Educators have proven that this is the first and most important sign of a child’s sense of happiness.
  • Teach your child how to feel that he is part of the world around him, and don’t teach him to be happy by force, and know that the sacrifice of a mother, and giving priority to the wishes of her children over her own… does not bring them. happiness.
  • Teach your child how to communicate with others; Through joint games, empathy and verbal communication, they become less susceptible to depression and psychological anxiety.
  • Communication and socializing with others make children more satisfied with themselves, better able to deal with problems, and have a great deal of flexibility in solving them.

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2- Steps to teach your child… happiness

Joy in the new year by giving gifts
  • Motivate the child to work hard, but don’t measure your success by the results, because this subconsciously makes him keep trying, which makes him smarter in dealing.
  • Research has shown that children who live with parents who always expect success from them, usually choose simple tasks and do not accept difficult tasks…for fear of failure and letting their parents down.
  • Which is why they avoid mistakes, and thus great successes in the future.
  • Teach your child the basics of emotional intelligence. Motivating him to constantly and freely express his feelings.. without judging or making fun of something.
  • And if your child is sad, share the sadness with him, talk to him and don’t tell him that it’s not worth it, which gives him mental balance, confidence and greater success in his emotional relationships in the future.
  • Give your child as many opportunities as possible to play in the house or outside, with the participation of other children. This teaches him the skills of negotiation, conflict resolution, regulating his emotions and behavior, and speaking up for himself.
  • What most influences a child and shapes his personality is the environment around him, so make your home a place prepared for happiness with smooth communication between family members and the child’s activities.

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3- The connection between happiness and optimism

There is a link between optimism and a child’s emotional health and happiness
  • Many writers and philosophers associate optimism and happiness, which is why life goes better, because research has shown that a child who grows up is happy and optimistic; He becomes more able to enjoy life.
  • It can also achieve more, enjoy better health, as well as improve emotional health, increase the rate of enjoyment of life and reduce the stress response; This is because of the great benefits of optimism and happiness.

4- Expressions of happiness, optimism and hope

A happy, optimistic child has a positive outlook on the world
  1. Come on, repeat to your child and explain what is difficult to understand: Happiness, optimism and hope press on their owner, so he feels it.. just like pain presses.
  2. Hope is not an open or ajar door waiting for you to walk through, but a fully closed door waiting for you to break through to walk through.
  3. A happy optimist is one who has a more positive vision of the world and is convinced that positive things will happen in the world and that his wishes will be fulfilled.
  4. Optimism is faith that leads to achievement, and nothing can be done without hope and trust.
  5. Positive things bring happiness in this life and are worth fighting for, you should also be close to everything that makes you happy, and optimism is the basis for courage and continuity in life.
  6. Happiness is turning your face towards the sun, and you will never see a shadow.
  7. Instead of focusing on the things you can’t change, redirect your energy to the things you will succeed with.. As long as you have luck, hope and positivity in your life, hope and happiness is a feeling of optimism, which is the belief that things will get better and that life will not always be dark.

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