Reasons why many women go to family court

At the threshold of the family court, we found many women who sought divorce after the failure of their married life, and here there were many reasons. As for the woman who sought divorce, the reason was when her husband told her that she should take care of her body, hair and clothing, which prompted the woman to file a divorce case against her husband, either because of his request. She has the right not to have children and is forced to abort the fetus, either because of stinginess, or because she does not recognize his guilt.

He divorced in the first year of marriage.. And his wife: I felt humiliated when he told me to take care of my body, hair and clothes

He said take care of your hair, your body and your clothes, and since the day we got married, we have been in endless fights, and I’m not like before I gave birth because of the conditions in the house and taking care of my baby and my husband, except that he considered it a lack of self-care.

With these words, a woman in her thirties, Yousra, went to the Family Court in Heliopolis after she claimed that her husband insulted her when he told her that he no longer cared about himself.

wife in family court

Yusra continued her speech before the judge of the family court, that she got married a year and a half ago after a love story that lasted for 4 years, and that life between her and her husband became hell after the marriage contract, because arguments and disagreements always broke out between them without justification or a clear reason for the woman, that’s how she described her husband in her invitation. He is the boss and looks for differences or different opinions between them, in order to impose his word on her, contrary to what the woman wants or expects from him.

Family Court in Heliopolis

The wife added that she suffered disagreements and problems since the marriage, hoping that the matter would change, but to no avail, instead the matter worsened, and the husband continued to persist in his behavior, as if he were stubborn. his wife, as she described him in her invitation.

And she continued: One day he came back from work and told me that he wanted to talk to me about something, and his conversation was about not caring about myself anymore after giving birth, and he asked me to take care of my hair, body, and clothes. I was offended by his talk, and I felt that I could no longer bear life with a man. He always underestimates me, especially since it’s not his first time, so I decided to break up and asked him to do it, but he refused and apologized, but I wasn’t used to living with him, so I went to court to start a divorce case against him to get rid of the life that became hell with him.

Zainab in the divorce case: I am pregnant with twins, and my mother-in-law wants me to have an abortion

I have 3 children and I am pregnant with twins, and after my mother-in-law found out about my pregnancy, she got angry and asked my husband to abort the fetus, and when I refused, my husband left me without asking or spending on me and went to her parents’ house, with these sad words, a woman named Zainab, p. do it.

wife in family court

Zainab told the judge of the family court that she got married under a valid legal contract 11 years ago, that she has three children, and that life between them was stable until her mother-in-law started interfering in their private life and forced her husband to they are no longer there and to be satisfied with three children.

The wife added: She tried a lot with her husband to find solutions for his mother’s interference in all their personal matters, even in food and drink, but he considered it disobedience to the mother, and the mother-in-law continued her actions, angering the wife, but the matter dragged on , even when the mother-in-law found out that the woman was pregnant with twins. I asked the husband to force the wife to abort the fetus, because 3 children are enough for them

Wife in divorce case: Chicken and meat are not allowed in our home

I have two children, and my husband is lazy and does not like work. Because of his idleness, chicken and meat do not enter our house. When I reproached him for this, he accused me of immorality and greed, attacked me on the pretext that my way of speaking was bad.. With these sad words, a woman named Asmaa went to the family court in Samanoud to file a divorce case for damages after the evidence of her husband’s beatings and bruises.

The wife files for divorce

Asmaa told the judge of the family court that she had been married for 9 years, and that her husband worked in a private company, but he left her, and from the beginning of her married life, she noticed that her husband had no desire to work, since he left work for several days after he started it.

The wife added that her husband’s income is no longer enough for food, which indicates that he feels the difficulties of life due to the lack of food in the house.

And the wife continued that her husband left his job 5 months ago and life became more difficult, and she decided to pressure him to look for a job and increase his salary, but he was lazy and told her that he always wanted to sit at home, and was satisfied with his father’s inheritance, and when I told him that there was no meat or chicken in their house for a long time, he accused her of greed and avarice, and a verbal conflict broke out between them, which ended with him beating her and injuring her, as a result of which she decided separate and go to the family court in Samanoud to file a divorce case for damages against her husband for the harm he caused her by his beatings.

After 7 months of marriage.. Mona is in divorce proceedings: he does not admit his guilt

A wife named Mona A. filed a divorce case against her husband Mahmoud.N in the Dakahlia Family Court, due to the inability to live with him, justifying the cause of action that her husband never admitted his mistake and always deceived her. , which made his wife angry, and it became unbearable for her to live with her husband, and she decided to divorce him.

A woman divorces her husband in Dakahlia

Mona stated before the judge of the family court that she had been married for 7 months, and that she had hoped that life between her and her husband would continue, but this did not happen due to her husband’s stubbornness and his refusal to have any disagreements and admit his mistake, even though he is wrong.

Dismissal in family court

The wife added that she is not like her husband in character in many things that did not show during the engagement, which is why the wife could not stand married life in the first months of her husband’s life.

A woman divorces her husband in the first months of marriage

The wife confirmed that she could no longer bear to see her husband at home because of his arrogance and stubbornness, and began to feel hatred towards him, and when she told him of the feelings she had created in her because of his actions, he attacked her with insults and accused him of being a frivolous and irresponsible person who cannot establish a family life, and when she asked him for a divorce, he refused. He left her house, so his wife decided to separate and went to the family court in Dakahlia to start a divorce case against her husband, renouncing all her legal and material rights.

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