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At the age of 37, the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo began the journey of the last meters of his legendary career after he decided to join the Saudi victory in a fictional business that brings with it new challenges and huge financial benefits, while the Saudi club will be under the lights of global attention more than ever before .

Yesterday, Friday, the main club Riyadh announced a contract with the best player in the world 5 times, until 2025, with a deal estimated at more than 200 million euros per season.

And Al-Nasr wrote on its official website: “The Chairman of the Al-Nasr Board of Directors, Mr. Musali Al Muammar, has just signed a contract with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.. until 2025,” adding that the contract was signed in the capital Spain, Madrid, and that the player will wear “Number 7”.

The club quoted the 37-year-old as saying: “I am eager to experience a new football league in another country. The vision with which Al-Nasr Club operates is very inspiring and I am excited to join my teammates so that together we can help the team to achieve more success.”

He added: “We can see from Saudi Arabia’s recent performance at the World Cup that it is a country with big football ambitions and a lot of potential. I am happy because I have won everything I set out to win in European football, and I feel that now is the right time to share my experience in Asia.”

Club president Musali Al Muammar tweeted: “I am very happy that the greatest player in the history of football has joined Al-Nasr Club and the Saudi League. Our contract with Ronaldo is not about winning a game or a championship, but more than that; passing on great experiences, high professionalism and inspiring a generation that is passionate about the sport.I invite you to enjoy a chapter in the tremendous development of Kingdom of Glory.

“more than a historical chapter”

Al-Nasr, a 9-time league champion, most recently in 2019, who is overseen by French coach Rudi Garcia, wrote that “this deal is more than just writing a new historical chapter; this player is a higher example for all athletes and youth in the world, and with his presence at Al-Nassr, we will move forward and achieve more success.” For the club, Saudi sport and for future generations.

A source close to the club revealed – earlier – that the value of Ronaldo’s transfer was “more than 200 million euros”, and that the player who led his country to the 2016 European Championship “will arrive in Riyadh next week”.

In return, Saudi Sports Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal tweeted: “Delighted that one of the best players in the world is starting his new career in Saudi Arabia. Welcome, Cristiano Ronaldo, to the Kingdom. Soon we will support our other clubs for quality contracts with international stars.”

The Portuguese star, crowned with 5 titles in the European Champions League, arrives in the Saudi League, on the back of a disappointing participation in the World Cup in Qatar and a hostile split with Manchester United, who decided to leave him because of the public criticism directed against him and his Dutch coach Eric complexion of the Hague.

It seemed clear at the World Cup in Qatar, which ended on the 18th of this month, with Argentina’s rival Lionel Messi winning the title, that Ronaldo had entered the final era of his triumphant career after being content to sit on the bench for the round of 16 and quarter-finals. of his fifth participation in the World Finals.

The World Cup in Qatar was a disappointment for Ronaldo in all aspects, although he scored the opening goal for his team against Ghana from the penalty spot and then became the first player in World Cup history to score in 5 different editions.

And after he was content to sit on the bench in the big win over Switzerland (6-1) in the final price, he entered the second half of the quarter-final match against Morocco (0-1) without anything of note, losing his celebration of having played 196 international matches.Equaling the record registered in the name of Kuwaiti Bader Al-Mutawa.

Ronaldo entered the World Cup in Qatar in a bad light because of what he said about Manchester United and their coach Ten Hag, which led to his services being withdrawn.

The World Cup in Qatar confirmed, undoubtedly, that Ronaldo’s position in the ranks of his country is not the same as before, and his 196 games or even 118 goals (a record) were not enough to say goodbye to Al-Stadion Thumama while crying, realizing that the last chance to embrace world fame has passed. .

Declining popularity

And before the final match against Switzerland, the well-known sports magazine “Apollo” in Portugal conducted a referendum with the Portuguese public whether they wanted Ronaldo to participate in that match, and 70% of them answered by staying on the bench for reserve players. ; Maybe after they’ve had enough of the player’s behavior lately.

And the decline phase actually started when CR7 decided to leave Spain’s Real Madrid in the summer of 2018 to join Italy’s Juventus, looking for a new challenge after winning every possible title with the Royal Club, most notably 4 in the Champions League, including 3 in a row since 2016 … until 2016. 2018.

His experience at Juventus was uneven in terms of results, only winning the league title twice and the domestic cup once, without transferring his Champions League success to the Turin giants, who are gasping for their first title since 1996, but his personal numbers have never dropped because he finished the first season with 21 goals in the league and 28 in all competitions, the second with 31 goals in the league and 37 in all competitions, and the third with 29 in the league and 36 in all competitions.

Suddenly, Ronaldo decided to return to the team that brought him his first title in the main continental competition, and he came again to “Old Trafford”, where he experienced a completely different experience than what was in his first passage between 2003 and 2009. since with the “red devils” he failed to even qualify for the Premier League.Campions after a personally enjoyable first season in which he scored 18 goals in 30 Premier League games and 24 in all competitions.

And with Ten Hag’s arrival in the team, things became more difficult, as he found himself marginalized in the season before his start, asking him to leave in search of entry into his favorite competition, the Champions League, without getting what he wanted. .

But he knew how to get what he wanted in the end through an interview with the famous British journalist Piers Morgan on November 17, which caused “Maneo” to leave him.

No one thought that the new challenge that Ronaldo was looking for would bring him back to the Gulf region, where he played the World Cup in Qatar, to defend the colors of Victory, which is still looking for its first AFC Champions League title.

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