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The Ministry of Social Solidarity provides an overview of the activities and events carried out by Dr. Nevine Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, as well as the various sectors of the Ministry in the period from December 23 to December 29, where we present an overview of the most prominent of them. in the following report, which was published by the official page of the Ministry of Social Solidarity on the social network “Facebook”, and through a video clip, it follows the most prominent of these activities, namely:

As part of Egypt’s Family Development Program, Social Solidarity intensified the training of “2 Enough” program coordinators in the provinces to develop their capacity to monitor family planning and reproductive health services provided by NGOs in villages and decent life centers in 20 provinces.

The Minister of Solidarity announces the results of the work of the Fund for the fight against addiction and abuse in 2022 and praises the efforts of its president, Dr. Amr Othman, in carrying out awareness-raising activities in 4,500 schools, 55 universities and 893 youth centers, raising awareness about the harm of abuse, and conducting 170,000 home visits to raise awareness of mechanisms for early detection of abuse.

– The Minister of Social Solidarity conducts an inspection visit to the Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation – Egypt 57357 and confirms that the Egyptian state has a social responsibility towards the health of its children, and Egypt is at the top of the countries that respect the health of its children. children.

– The “No illiteracy with solidarity” initiative is launching training programs for trainers, starting from the Menoufi governorate, with the participation of 40 trainers, with the aim of developing the trainers’ ability to use the training package applications for adult education and community education.

As part of the expansion of marketing campaigns for the products of productive families, the Administration for Social Solidarity holds exhibitions of traditional and ecological craft products in Hurghada, South Sinai and Suez, promoting the economic empowerment of women and all family members.

The Minister of Social Solidarity receives Ambassador Maryam Al-Kaabi, UAE Ambassador to Cairo and officials of the Emirates Red Crescent, to discuss aspects of cooperation and organize the efforts of civil labor organizations in the Emirates in Cairo.

The Minister of Social Solidarity, MP Solaf Darwish and the Arab Labor Organization are looking forward to the intensification of Arab cooperation in the marketing of handicraft products through exhibitions and providing support to people with disabilities in the field of economic empowerment.

Al-Qabbaj witnessed an extended meeting of the Coordination Committee for the establishment of the Crisis Management Center in the new administrative capital, in the presence of Major General AH Bakr Muhammad Al-Bayoumi, Director of the Signaling Department, and the accompanying delegation, to discuss the plan to complete the technology center and the room for crisis management in the Ministry building in the capital.

Social Solidarity is conducting its second edition of the “Life is Hope” initiative for the elderly in Dakahlia province, with the participation of 100 senior citizens from Qalyubia, Dakahlia, Western and Eastern provinces. It holds an exhibition of handicrafts for clubs, and on the sidelines of the event, homes for the elderly.

Al-Qabbaj presides over the first meeting of the committee recently established by the prime minister regarding the rehabilitation of residents of developed areas, “alternative slums”, in the presence of representatives of the ministries in charge of coordinating and revising integrated development programs for these areas.

The “Awareness” program to promote community and citizenship development launches a second training workshop with the participation of Al-Azhar preachers, endowments and church people. The meeting discusses the economic and social cost of terrorism.

The Egyptian Red Crescent, in cooperation with the World Health Organization, is organizing a comprehensive medical convoy in Marsa Matrouh Governorate, to provide children with medical examinations, treatment, a vaccine against Corona, and social and psychological support activities.

The Minister of Social Solidarity referred to the report on the work of the rapid intervention team during 2022, in which she states that the ministry processed 3,860 complaints and 2,475 complaints, and praised the fruitful and effective cooperation with the Unified State Complaints System led by the Council of Ministers, and the realization rate is 100%.

The Forsa program implements 150 productive projects in the village of Al-Marashdeh in the Qena governorate and intensifies economic empowerment activities within the framework of the initiative “Village without need” in the villages of decent life.

Nasser Social Bank provides subsidies and assistance in cash and in kind to the value of 57 million pounds for the most vulnerable groups, and Al-Qabbaj confirms the role of Takaful Bank in addition to its banking and investment role, and the bank represents a pioneering model in assuming social responsibility in the Arab region

– The National Center for Social and Criminological Research, in cooperation with the National Council for the Suppression and Treatment of Addiction, organizes a workshop for social workers employed in the Ministry of Education entitled “Prevention of Addiction” on the topic of drugs and their harm.

In the presence and in honor of the President of the Republic, the Minister of Social Solidarity participates in Qaderoon with an appropriate ceremony in its fourth edition and announces the launch of two new initiatives called “Accessibility and independent life” and “The best Sahib. “

Al-Qabbaj witnesses a ministerial committee meeting of the National Wages Council, chaired by Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning, to discuss the minimum wage for private sector workers.

The Alternative Families Senior Committee holds its periodic meetings via Zoom, with committee members present, and the meeting discusses sponsorship requests and complaints.

Al-Qabbaj reviews the report on the activities carried out for a total of 30 units of social solidarity within Egyptian universities for the year 2022 and announces that 133,770 students have benefited in the areas of social protection, economic empowerment, integration of people with disabilities, stimulation of volunteering and awareness of development issues.

Under the auspices of the Minister of Social Solidarity and the Governor of South Sinai, Social Solidarity is launching an initiative to document marriage contracts for the citizens of South Sinai targeting all governorate towns and citizens coming together to benefit from the service.

dr. Amr Othman, Assistant Minister of Solidarity, announces the success of the Fund for the Control and Treatment of Abuse, which managed to provide treatment services for a total of 170,000 addict patients, and states that preparations are underway for the opening of new treatment and rehabilitation centers. of addict patients in 7 provinces during 2023.

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