The death of the child Rayan and Naira Ashraf and the boat of death.. 10 disasters and tragic events that shook public opinion during 2022.



The death of the child Rayan and Naira Ashraf and the boat of death.. 10 disasters and tragic events that shook public opinion during 2022.

December 31, 2022 at 10:00 a.m

Doha – the place of the East

Just like the happy days that people lived, the year 2022 also had sad events and disasters on its pages that shook public opinion and occupied millions due to tragedies that are hard to forget.

Below, we present to you a group of the most prominent domestic and international events that shook the hearts of many and ignited the communication pages:

1- Baby Ryan…the story that took millions away

On February 6, 2022, after 5 days of continuous digging, the Moroccan child Rayan emerged from a deep well as a lifeless body, a news that shocked and saddened the world.

The story began when the child Rayan was playing in a deep well in a village located in the Chefchaouen region of northern Morocco.

The story of the child Rayan gradually became absorbed by the Moroccan society, and then it crossed the borders and reached the whole world. There were the first attempts to get the child out by volunteers, but these attempts failed due to the narrowness of the well.

2- Human tragedy in Ukraine

The Russian-Ukrainian war, which started last February and has not yet ended, is one of the highlights of 2022 due to its serious repercussions in various parts of the world, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine resulted in the worst humanitarian crisis Europe has witnessed since World War II. , which killed thousands of people and cut off the paths of millions of people who suffered displacement and lost their homes and livelihoods in a human tragedy whose chapters and consequences continue as a result of the bloody war.

3- The murder of Sherina Abu Aqleh

On May 11, 2022, fellow Al-Jazeera correspondent Sherine Abu Aqleh was killed during a series of Israeli attacks on the West Bank and while covering the attack on Jenin in the Jabriyat area between Jenin camp and Burqin village, west of Jenin. Al-Jazeera in Jenin .

The network condemned “this heinous crime, which aims to prevent the media from conveying its message”, and added: “We hold the Israeli government and occupation forces responsible for the murder of the late colleague Sherina.”

Al-Jazeera media network called on the international community to condemn and hold accountable the Israeli occupation forces for the deliberate targeting and killing of colleague Shireen Abu Aqleh.

4- Floods in Pakistan

Since June 2022, floods caused by monsoon rains and melting glaciers in Pakistan have killed at least 1,128 people, including 340 children and six military officers in a helicopter crash, and injured more than 1,700 others. This is the most serious flood in the world in a year, and Pakistan declared a state of emergency on August 25 due to the floods.

5- Slaughter of Nair Ashraf

Last June 20, a number of social media pioneers circulated a video clip showing how her colleague killed Mansoura University student Naira Ashraf with several stabs and then slaughtered her with a knife in front of the “Toshka” gate of the Faculty. Arts Street, until she breathed her last, before bystanders and security guards could The University was able to transfer her to the hospital and arrest the accused to hand him over to the police.

The following are the most prominent criminal events:

On June 20, 2022, Naira was killed by her colleague Mohamed Adel next to the wall of Mansoura University.

The State Attorney’s Office completes the investigation with the accused and refers him to criminal offenses 48 hours before the commission of the criminal offense.

On July 22, 2022, the Mansoura Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Bahaa El Din Al Marri, held its first court session.

After consideration of two sessions in the criminal case, the accused is referred to the Grand Mufti to take a legal opinion on his execution.

Criminal offenses will be decided on July 6, 2022 by hanging for those accused of premeditated murder.

Two months after the verdict, the Court of Cassation scheduled the next session for January 26, where it will consider the defendant’s appeal.

6- Monkeypox is a global emergency

On July 27, 2022, the World Health Organization declared a global emergency and initiated the highest level of alert in light of the rapid outbreak of monkeypox in more than 70 countries worldwide. Monkeypox, which began to appear in Europe and North America, is classified as a rare disease. In Africa, it is endemic and usually heals spontaneously.

7- Catastrophic floods in Sudan

In August 2022, major floods hit Sudan. Heavy rains caused water levels in the Blue and White Nile to rise, destroying a total of 31 villages, killing 89 people and destroying 47,000 homes. One of the hardest hit places was the agricultural town of Al-Manaqil, south of the capital Khartoum.

8- Death of a child in a kindergarten bus in Al-Wakra

In a tragic accident on September 11, a girl (4 years old) who was staying at school died after being stuck in the school bus for several hours.

**Details of death

According to a friend of the child’s family (Minsa Maryam Yaqoub), the deceased student studied first grade in a private kindergarten in Al-Wakra, and she slept on the bus on the way to the kindergarten, and the bus staff did not notice that the student did not leave with the others. According to what was published by the newspaper “Poluotok”.

According to the details, the student stayed in the bus that stopped in the open, without anyone noticing the presence of the deceased in it.

The bus staff only noticed the child when they returned to the bus at 11:30 a.m. to resume work.

The girl was rushed to the hospital, but attempts to save her were unsuccessful.

For its part, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education decided to close the private kindergarten that witnessed the tragic accident that shook society, with the most severe penalties. After the negligence of the workers was proven by eyewitnesses, which led to the death of one of the students.

9- Ship of death

In late September 2022, in the deadliest flight of its kind from Lebanon to date, news of the sinking of the death boat rocked the northern capital, Tripoli, along with Akkar and the Palestinian camps. , where about a hundred people died, with the death toll among the highest in the Eastern Mediterranean region, while only 20 of the 150 passengers survived.

10- Tragedy in Indonesia

In the riots that took place after the football match on the Indonesian island of Java, as a result of the fans’ invasion of the “Kanguruhan” stadium in the city of Malang, due to the loss of their team, 125 people were killed and dozens were injured, according to the press release. published by official sources on October 1, 2022.

The riots began when around 3,000 fans of Arima Brisbane stormed the stadium after a 3-2 loss to Surabaya and began attacking players, leading to clashes with security forces who fired tear gas.

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