The deputy speaker of the Lebanese “parliament” praises the success of Qatar in hosting the World Cup

He emphasized Doha’s important role in helping his country

14.12.2022. at 10:11 (Doha time)

His Excellency Mr. Elias Bousab, Deputy Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, praised the success of the State of Qatar in hosting the historic version of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022, which is difficult to repeat, and said that the State of Qatar has achieved great success, and this achievement is a source of pride for all Arabs.

The Deputy Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament confirmed in an interview published today with the newspaper Al-Sharq that Qatar provided a role model in overcoming difficulties, overcoming challenges and turning them into pioneering achievements.

The best edition of the World Cup

The Lebanese parliamentarian explained that with this high level of service and hospitality and facing hundreds of thousands of fans coming from all over the world, Qatar managed to present the best tournament of the World Cup with which it gave up all bets on the failure of the household and refuted all slanderous campaigns throughout the world, Qatar fulfilled and fulfilled its promise.

Bou Saab believed that the pride is not only in the success of hosting, but also in presenting a role model in the ability to overcome difficulties and challenges, whatever they may be, and achieve impressive achievements.

Elias Bou Saab: His Highness the Emir wants to help Lebanon and support its stability and prosperity

The Deputy Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament confirmed that His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the country, wants to help Lebanon and support its stability and prosperity, pointing out that Qatar is the most ready country to help the Lebanese get out of the crisis of the vacant position of the President of the Republic, praising the white hands Qatar In providing aid and support to the Lebanese army.

Bou Saab pointed out that his visit to Doha included a series of official meetings with a number of Qatari officials and dealt with the outstanding fraternal relations of the two countries, and that these meetings are based on Qatar’s prominent role towards Lebanon for a long time. before, and said: “In all situations and crises, Qatar has been proactive in standing by Lebanon.” That’s not new.”

Important role of Qatar

And he continued: “When Doha has a ready atmosphere, it will not delay playing any role that contributes to saving Lebanon and getting Lebanon out of difficult crises, and this issue was part of the discussions I had with Qatari officials, especially since Qatar has successful experiences in the Lebanese file, as well as his numerous positions, initiatives and white hands.” In support of the Lebanese, the latest of which was the help he provided after the explosion in the port, with the continued support of the Lebanese army.

We need a president who has an economic vision, is open to the international community and has clear views

Regarding the presidential vacancy, Bou Saab said: “We need a president who has an economic vision, is open to the international community and has clear views. He has extensive knowledge of political and economic files and the skill of dealing with the international community, and we will have hope to move to a stage that establishes a better future.

Best practice

Bou Saab believed that the best way to solve the current crisis is the one that takes place under the dome of the parliament led by the speaker of the parliament, Mr. Nabih Berri, because the parliamentary blocs deal with the election of the president of the republic, and Mr. Nabih Berri has already called for dialogue and has he has a long history in conducting dialogue and has experience that made him wait until things mature.

He added: “I assure all parliamentary blocs that dialogue has no alternative and I hope that this call will be crowned with success, and in case the Lebanese dialogue fails, there are friends of Lebanon, above all Qatar, who could be ready to contribute to the dialogue between the Lebanese in order to ended the crisis of vacant presidential positions.”

As for the request to amend the constitution, the deputy speaker of the Lebanese parliament emphasized that the Lebanese constitution needs some amendments, although some of them are afraid of changing any article of the Taef constitution, and there are those who view the request for an amendment as a stance against a certain party, and that is a mistake Constitutional amendment in Lebanon became more urgent to close the loopholes that hindered political life.

There are 4 laws that must be approved by “Representatives”, of which we have approved bank secrecy, and we are currently studying Capital Control

Regarding the Capital Control Law (which is the capital control and control measures taken by the government or central bank to limit the flow of foreign capital into and out of the local economy) and the reform laws required by Lebanon as part of the economic recovery and recovery plan , Bou Saab said: “There are 4 laws that must be approved by parliament. From it we approved bank secrecy. We are currently studying capital controls. There is also bank restructuring and financial system reform.

necessary laws

Bou Saab explained that these laws must be approved by Lebanon, along with the establishment of a sovereign fund for oil and gas resources so that we can cooperate with the International Monetary Fund and the international community in accordance with international standards and to ensure that there are no loopholes for financial corruption, and this issue, if achieved, opens opportunities for attracting Arab capital and investment, as well as foreign investment, primarily investment from Qatar.

Regarding the demarcation file with Syria, His Excellency Mr. Elias Bou Saab, Deputy Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, emphasized at the end of his dialogue with Al-Sharq, saying: “It is impossible for us to open the demarcation file with Syria before finalizing the demarcation file of the southern maritime boundaries, and we initiated contacts and requested an appointment after the completion of the South dossier to discuss the dossier of demarcation of the maritime boundaries with Syria, because block one and block two cannot be directly mined before the completion of the demarcation dossier with Syria, but this issue was not reached.

He added: “We consider Syria a brotherly country and we deal with it from that point of view, and the expected president of the Republic must complete communication with Syria in order to complete this file, because Syria is Lebanon’s gateway to the Arab countries.”

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