The first marriage certificate in history in the Alexandria University Collection Museum.. documented by images of husband and wife.. the contract is written in an unknown language.. it is among the royal holdings and within a group of rare documents on gazelle parchment.. video and photos

The Alexandria University Collections Museum contains many treasures and rare documents that are considered the most important documents in history, and there is not a single copy of them except in the museum. Under the auspices of Dr..

First marriage document

There is also a document for the oldest marriage contract, which shows drawn pictures of the newlyweds in an incomprehensible language. A committee was set up for knowledge of the written language, but it did not reach it. It has been written in the local language since the first centuries. it is not documented, and a picture of a couple is drawn on it. It is likely that the marriage provisions were written down. .

Documents on parchment

The fund includes documents written on parchment in foreign languages, French, Latin and English. The museum has a large collection of handwritten documents written on parchment, some of which have not been studied or read, and some of which are from antiquity. languages ​​such as ancient Latin, some dating from the early 17th century, most of which are from Britain, and among them are numerous probate and estate wills, including the will of Thomas Wyndham on 35 April 1698 to his daughter Elizabeth and son Jonathan , a minor, for his wife to take charge of his estates until they are 21, and his wife to have a share after his debts and funeral expenses are paid..

It also includes an agreement made in 1607 to return some sums of money to the heirs of a person named John. And an indenture of succession made on 20 August between a Kentish person named Thomas and Sir John Maynard, his eldest son, for the distribution of the estate, including lands, buildings, gardens, etc., to his heirs after him. .

The documents written on deer parchment form a contract concluded on April 22, 1671, the first year of the reign of King James II of England, and Samuel was chosen guardian of his son “Jane Hill” in the will.“.

And Dr. Ashraf El-Ghandour announced during the Council for Graduate Studies and Research, the preparation of a marketing plan for the services provided by the Central Library and Museum of Collections of the University of Alexandria, in order to familiarize students and researchers with the scientific services provided by the Central Library at the University in Alexandria, and scientific and research treasures located in the Museum of the University of Alexandria. .

Al-Ghandour pointed out that the Central Library contains a room for theoretical messages, an electronic services unit, a section of electronic messages, a section for digitization, manuscripts and heritage books. He added that in the funds of the Museum of Alexandria University there is a corner for the University of Alexandria, a map of the founding of Alexandria universities in the Bahariyyah district in 1912 and a collection of maps and atlases. Especially for Alexandria, Egypt and the world, special exhibition units for the huge foreign publications about Egypt in French, dedicated to King Fouad, and there are only limited copies L’Egypte by Fred BoissonneContains (Book Description of Egypt) the original 1809 first edition and his study and picture and picture volumes, a separate section for the city of Alexandria which includes albums from 1881, a handwritten encyclopedia of Alexandria and Egypt, some pictures and images of Alexandria, and a special a section for the Ottoman Empire which includes huge volumes depicting scenes from life in the Ottoman era, and a collection of Ottoman firmans, albums and decorated Ottoman manuscripts, and a collection of shahanic firmans issued to the governors and khedives of Egypt from 1597 AD to 1904 AD, which were collected by orders of His Majesty Fuad I, the Great King of Egypt, and a group of paintings written on parchment within glass frames Various themes and languages, and the Corner of Personalities, which contains a fund from the collection of notable personalities in the library, and manuscripts related to religions and languages. It includes a collection of rare manuscript copies of the Qur’an in the library’s possession, the oldest of which is the Qur’an dating from the 9th century AD, and manuscripts from the area of of the Lamaic Faith (interpretation, jurisprudence, hadiths, prophetic biography) Hall 3 contains various heritage books and early publications, including historical and geographical fields, maps and albums. Various fields, some of which were arranged within the exhibition units in the hall, with some stored in storage units for accessibility to users.

dr. Amal Khalifa, supervisor of the Central Library at Alexandria University for the restoration of books and manuscripts at the Central Library of Alexandria University and the Museum of Collections, said that there is a specialized committee for the preservation of collections from the Papyrus Center at Ain Shams University and the Faculty of Archeology of Cairo University, whose responsibility it is to restore collections and manuscripts to preserve them.

The first-wedding-certificate-in-history-exhibited-in-the-Alexandria-university-museum-for-collections–(1)

The first-wedding-certificate-in-history-exhibited-in-the-Alexandria-university-museum-for-collections--(2)
The first-wedding-certificate-in-history-exhibited-in-the-Alexandria-university-museum-for-collections–(2)

The first-wedding-certificate-in-history-exhibited-in-the-Alexandria-university-museum-for-collections--(3)
The first-wedding-certificate-in-history-exhibited-in-the-Alexandria-university-museum-for-collections–(3)




marriage document-(1)
marriage document-(1)

marriage document-(2)
marriage document-(2)

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