The Giza crimes ignited public opinion during 2022…and the police managed to uncover their locations

The year 2022 did not go unnoticed, especially in Giza Street, which left a clear mark on the efforts of the police and criminal security, in uncovering the locations of the most prominent crimes that captured public opinion during the past year.

4 young men died in a traffic accident

The beginning of these crimes, which the public closely followed and everyone sympathized with, was the famous collision that took place in Sheikh Zayed City in October, which resulted in the death of 4 students, due to the overturning of the car in which they were traveling after hitting it the second car was driven by the son of the owner of a well-known market group.

The media and the press discussed the details of that tragic case, in which the security and judicial services played an important role in speeding up the procedures and investigations, which ended with the referral of the accused to an urgent criminal trial. Counselor Hamad Al-Sawy, State Attorney, decided to forward the defendant competent criminal court. In order to punish him for the crime, he was accused of obtaining the substance cocaine with the intention of using it and causing the death of four people, including three children, by mistake.

There were many exciting details and events at the trials of the accused, the most notable of which was the detention of the accused’s lawyer, who tried to erase the crime by scanning the surveillance cameras, and the most prominent event in the case was the reconciliation of the victims’ families with the perpetrator’s father and their obtaining adequate compensation, but the Criminal the court in Giza sentenced the accused to 3 years of rigorous imprisonment, so his defense submitted a letter to the Court of Cassation to schedule a session of the cassation for January 15, 2023, so the dismissal of that case stopped at this decision, waiting for the last chance for the accused .

Massacre of the European village

Another crime that took place in Giza Governorate during the year 2022, the details of which took place on a farm in the European village of Sheikh Zayed, captured public opinion and occupied large areas on social media platforms, as it was one of the heinous crimes that in a great massacre, they took the lives of 5 people from one family, including two children.

The performance of the policemen in this case reveals to us the professional development of criminal investigators in dealing with these sensitive and important cases, because the policemen managed to arrest the perpetrator of the massacre before 24 hours had passed since the crime.

That case fell under the banner of love crimes, because the police investigation revealed that the key to solving the hierarchy of that heinous case was a woman who was no more than 24 years old, and an emotional connection took place between her and the killer. about her leaked to the ears of the father, who decided to take revenge on the defendant who hired him to help him. Cultivating the land on the estate where he works, and the father tried to take revenge on the worker, but the latter avoided him and managed to kill the father of his beloved.

The murderer managed to get out of the crime scene and run towards Upper Egypt to hide, but the movements of the policemen were faster than his thoughts because he was caught, to confess the commission of the crime, to order the public prosecutor to refer him to an urgent criminal trial, and the Criminal Court in Giza is still completing his trial.

The case of journalist Shaima Jamal’s murder by her husband

The case of the murder of the journalist Shaima Gamal by her husband caused wide attention, going beyond Giza Street and the Egyptian public, so that the Arab public participated in this exciting case, which was reported by the most reputable news channels and media platforms. , since it is a crime that combines power, influence and the media.

The beginning of this crime is in May 2022, when news circulates about the disappearance of journalist Shaima Jamal under mysterious circumstances, and the police received a report from her husband, a former judge, in which he talks about her disappearance while she was buying some things from a well-known shopping center in October as she went to her cover.

The husband’s story was not enough to deceive the police officers and remove suspicion from him, but the criminal officers of the Security Directorate in Giza managed to expose the crime scene with a professional performance, and the husband was forced to flee and hide in the Suez Governorate with one of his friends, but the police officers managed to arrest him, and his partner in crime, who admitted the details of that crime, justified his commission by threatening his wife Shaima Jamal that he would tell her about the marriage, which was a secret.

The public prosecutor referred the accused to urgent criminal proceedings, so that the debate could be discussed and the accused sentenced to death after taking the legal opinion of the Grand Mufti of the Republic.

At the time of writing, the defendants are sitting in their prison cells awaiting their last chance before the Court of Cassation.

The case of the decaying Faisal estate

The case of Faisal’s failed property is one of the cases that exposes the aspect of municipal corruption, and it has different dimensions than many similar cases, considering the amount of violations and crimes committed against those affected by the case.

A fire in a shoe store caused the exposure of one of the most prominent problems seen in 2022, when a fire broke out in one of the warehouses under the estate in the Faisal area near the ring road. new.

The outbreak of fires in this large period had a great impact on the outbreak of social networks, and especially on the monitoring of this issue. You can imagine how many people suffered among the citizens who became victims of “bats” disrupting the construction, because they invested their money and the misery of life in apartments and properties that are not subject to the requirements of proper construction. Their lives have been put in danger, and the closest example of this is what happened on the Faisal property, i.e. of 14 floors, of which only 6 floors are “authorized”, and the other floors are without permission .with dynamite.

The State Prosecutor’s Office, for its part, referred the real estate owner Faisal Al-Mahreq to criminal proceedings, accusing him of endangering the lives of citizens and establishing property without obtaining the necessary permits.

While the Karadsa ​​Magistrate’s Court in the North Giza Court sentenced the owner of Faisal’s estate to 3 years in prison and a fine of 80 million pounds, on charges that he endangered the lives of citizens living on the estate and built the estate without obtaining the necessary permits, and the accused another verdict is pending before the Criminal Court in Giza at the session on December 14, 2022.

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