The names of the characters in the Gumball series, in pictures in 2022

Gumball series character names with pictures 2022, the children’s cartoon series Gumball has managed to achieve great fame in the world and make its followers, adults and children, praise it, and a famous children’s series characterized by the presentation of various forms of animation and is a favorite among a large part of children and adults around the world, and its episodes continue to be broadcast from 2011 to the present day, due to the great success it achieved in the United States of America and most countries around the world. world and through this featured article we will show you Gumball series character names with Gumball series pictures and story.

Information about the World of Gumball series

The Amazing World of Gumball, or what is known as the “Gumball” series, is an American-English animated television series written by Ben Bukele. The series premiered on May 2, 2011 in the United Kingdom and was translated into Arabic and broadcast for the first time in the Arab world on October 6, 2011. It is an animated series aimed at children over the age of seven because it contains fictional violence and Dr. Series is rated in series for children over 10 years old. The Amazing World of Gumball series is different in that the animation and story are different from any other children’s series.

The story of the children’s series Gumball

The series Gumball revolves around the life of a 12-year-old boy, but he is not a human boy, he is a blue cat who lives with his family, accompanied by other strange creatures, where the story of the series revolves around the adventures of Gumball with the help of his best friend Darwin, he was a former goldfish but his legs have grown and she joins the family He and his friend Gumball get into various antics Gumball’s adventures are joined by his four-year-old sister Anis, an old bunny with a sharp spirit, who is always supported in their adventures by their parents Richard and Nicole.

The names of the characters of the cartoon series Gumball

Dozens of characters within Gumball’s school join him in his adventures, and some of them stand in the way of his adventures. Below we show you the names of the most prominent characters from the Gumball series

  • Gumball Watterson.
  • Darwin Watterson.
  • Anais Watterson.
  • Nicole Watterson.
  • Richard Watterson.
  • Penny Fitzgerald.
  • Carrie Kreuger.
  • Tobias Wilson.
  • Tina Rex.
  • Banana Joe.
  • Alan Kane.
  • rob.
  • Sarah J. Lato.
  • Leslie.
  • Masami Yoshida.

The names of the characters in the Gumball series, in pictures in 2022

The Gumball series is a favorite series of many little ones, so in the following lines we will show you the names of the Gumball characters with pictures and give you a brief description of all the characters

Gumball Watterson

Gumball Christopher Watterson is the protagonist of The Wonderful World of Gumball, a 12-year-old blue cat who goes to Elmore Jr. Along with his adopted brother Darwin and four-year-old sister Anais, Gumball is in Miss Simien’s class and meets Gumball Penny, who was one of the Gumballs, he was supposed to be a blue dog, but as the creators further developed the character, they decided to make him a blue cat , because he fit the character they imagined, because he is unhappy but optimistic, and black cats signify bad luck in European culture.

Darwin Watterson

Darwin Watterson III was a mysterious goldfish, but one day he grew legs and generally adapted to life outside the water, so he was adopted by the Watterson family Darwin is an orange goldfish with two arms and two legs, a goldfish head, and a hanging fin.

Anais Watterson

Anais Watterson is a four-year-old pink bunny, Gumball’s sister and the smartest in the family. Anais is smarter than her siblings and rises to a level above them. Because of her high IQ, she is often the smartest. Social skills and struggles to make and keep friends.

Nicole Watterson

Nicole Watterson is a blue cat and the dear mother of Gumball, Darwin and Anais, Nicole has a master of martial arts, is trained by the best instructors, and in stressful situations she prefers to resort to violence and screaming, but she is very passionate and full of love for her family and will do anything to protect them protect from evil, unlike his rough upbringing.

Richard Watterson

Richard Watterson The Pink Rabbit is the father of Gumball, Darwin and Anais He is a loving father unlike Nicole who is a bit cruel Richard does his best in everything he does because of his great love for his family but his love of food comes second to his family , loves to eat and has a big appetite.

Penny Fitzgerald

Penny Fitzgerald is a 12-year-old changeling fairy who is Gumball’s friend and spent her first life in her family’s peanut shell.

Carrie Kreuger

Carrie Krueger is a 327-year-old ghost. She is an expert in the supernatural, often delving into the arts of black magic and studying the traditions of the underworld. She is the daughter of humanity and spirit. She is the link between the living and the dead in Gumball. Although she seems cold, cruel, sensitive and emotional, she loves Darwin’s boyfriend.

Tobias Wilson

Tobias Wilson is a 12-year-old rainbow-colored boy who is called a tomboy at school, who is a narcissist and believes himself to be a professional player who is loved by all the women, but contrary to his imagination, he is a skinny wimp girls don’t really like him, a fact he constantly denies…

Tina Rex

Tina Rex is a wild dinosaur, she was mean and aggressive and treated the young students with an inappropriate amount of violence and aggression, but she has given up her aggression and now spends her days trying to express her femininity, living in the Elmore Wrecking Yard with only her father.

Banana Joe Banana Joe

Banana Joe is an anthropomorphic banana, and the class clown at school, Banana Joe is usually confused, always wanting to tell jokes with his friends, and the jokes often involve saying horrible words or committing some immoral act towards children, such as peeling him.

Alan Kane

Alan Kane is a yellow balloon and one of the popular students at Gumball School, he invests most of his time in charity and always makes sure that everyone is happy, while others refuse to befriend him.


Rob is a member of Gumball’s school, a deformed robot who escaped from the void and intensely hates the person who left him, not knowing when his memory will return. He always makes elaborate plans for revenge, but always fails.

Also follow

Sarah J. Lato

Sarah J. Lato is an ice cream avatar who often draws Gumball and Darwin and writes fanfiction starring the two, Sarah is a huge comic book fan and an expert on all kinds of typical sitcoms.


Leslie is a delicate pink flower and a talented musician, she has a sensitive side but has an erratic behavior where she constantly mixes up her words and annoys her classmates, but still Leslie is one of the most popular students in school, she makes friends with all her classmates or anyone who he struggles with that.

Masami Yoshida

Masami is a 12-year-old rain cloud from a high-class family where her father owns a rainbow dye factory and her mother is a martial arts expert, somewhat spoiled because she comes from a life where she gets what she wants immediately, although she took advantage of her high status in the beginning In order to manage the other students, however, she eventually becomes friendlier with her colleagues.

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