The winners sound the alarm and warn Nasiri ahead of the Club World Cup

The “Winners” faction published a statement through its official drawing on the social network “Facebook”, which reads:

After a long international break, the wheel of the national championship returned to rotation with the ninth round, which brought a strong summit between the leaders of the rankings, El-Jaish and Wydad.

Despite the difficult programming in the middle of the week, we mobilized the members of the group and the fans of the club in general to be present in the boat of Moulay Abdallah with the aim of achieving a positive result.


That was our motivational message before the game, the point of which is to establish dominance and take the lead.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a reaction on the field, so we watched a soulless team.
A fully committed team that is not disciplined in performance and behavior and just waits for the game to end.

The expected defeat, despite the attempt to change the bitter reality with optimism, support and help, maybe awaken some living consciences…

We tried to remove our feet from the stands, but those who responded had no life, so the defeat against a rival that we have not lost to in the last 18 games of the National Championship draw is a historical reminder of some of the mice. who came out of their holes yesterday.

It is said that there was a man who came to him from everywhere to give him advice, but each time they talked to him about the same problems and troubles they were facing, until he got bored.

And one day a man gathered them together and told them a funny joke, so they all burst out laughing.
After a few minutes he told them the same joke again, and a few of them smiled, and then soon he told the joke a third time, so no one laughed.
Then the man smiled and said: – You can’t laugh at the same joke more than once, so why do you complain and cry about the same problems every time?

This short story is closer to what we are living today, and it seems that the president is really fed up with our demands that he is not getting anything from…
And he doesn’t see a cure for it except by dodging and procrastinating, and he doesn’t see the easy solution that we see and everyone else sees.
He likes difficult solutions full of losses.

In numerous cases and files in FIFA and Al-Tas, we have the best example. Instead of amicable solutions, the club treasury is forced to pay millions due to the president’s intransigence and insistence on the victory of “ego”, even at the expense of Wydad.

We always waited before making any decision or reaction, not out of fear or to please someone, but not to rush and to make the right decisions and because the interest of Wydad Sports Club is the most important and we always work to preserve the image of the club, and not harm him, not even at the expense of our image and reputation.

We have always accepted cheap accusations and accepted being the excuse on which some blame failure.
We have no problem with that as long as the club will benefit and rise, we are the ones who always carry it on our shoulders and we are ready for it.

Today we will explain and we will explain after we sensed the danger and after we warned again and again about the futility that characterizes the stage and about the adventure and losing gambling of the president, and here we will pay the price of “sabotage”, the price of the president’s irresponsible decisions. The first responsible before us for what happened, is happening, will happen…

Today we have reached the president who destroys the team with his improvised decisions. We cannot find any word that better expresses the reality of the club than “destruction.” The champion of Morocco and the continent always turns his back on the position he reaches.

Even the neighborhood teams got along and knew how to lead technically, and we don’t think there is a team that will remain without an official coach for longer than 30 days. His dismissal was announced, but there was no official announcement.

It is true that the situation is not as bleak as it is rumored because we are only in the 9th session and we are still alive on various fronts, but what is being prepared from the beginning of the season until today speaks of a disaster. season with all available spices.

Let’s go back a bit, we are aware that what we reap today is what we reaped yesterday, many months ago Walid Regragui announced his departure from the team, although the whole world knew it, including the president.

He didn’t prepare a substitute early, he left the team unprepared and lost a lot of important time at that moment.

Even when Amouta was named, the choice was late and questionable in light of his contract with the university. And we all know the path we took earlier, hence the confusion.

In the end, the story ended with narrow personal scores that resulted in the dismissal, and the team suffered, and a replacement has not been officially named to this day.

Add to this the attacker’s negligence of Mbenza’s value by not paying the scheduled membership fees within a certain period for his club (as stated in the financial report), and the misrepresentation of public opinion for long days in which the player’s image was carefully distorted before the truth became clear.

It is unwise not to replace him with a striker of the same level and settle, as usual, for a loser.
Apart from Ashraf Dari and Geofel Tsumo…

Even when she resorts to patching up, the choice falls on Asma, despite our respect for her footballing history at the club. We haven’t seen any obvious impact on her in the training world.
How can the mind accept a training camp without a coach and in light of this confusion?? And that without a single official who is able to stop everything big and small, and in that way correct the faltering start??
how and how???
What is dangerous is the belief of the president and the players that the role of the coach is not important and that it is just a name to fill the team list, and that these players are capable of leading the team by themselves without the need for a staff to lead them.
It is unthinkable that the decision on the choice of coach is made in agreement with the players and that the selection of the most suitable one is not done at the expense of the resume, but is dictated by other things, and this in itself is a serious problem that obscures the name. club, and a false idea that is promoted within the club.

We are even tired of asking questions for which we find no excuses or realistic justifications, and we don’t even expect the usual detours, so explaining the obvious from the scandalous…

We are only a month away from the Mondialito clubs in Morocco, and we fear for the team what is to come in the light of the palpable negligence of the first official of the club, the “commander and banner” who is leading the club to ruin if it is not revised, because better late than never.

Although every failure will happen in the future, we have sufficiently established and prepared for it.
Today we are asked to at least limit the expected losses and avoid catastrophe, which is the least synonym that can express what can happen as a result of the president’s absurd decisions.

On the other hand, we do not exclude the players from what is happening, and it is not possible to hide the sun with a grate, because the state of laziness and indiscipline is clear.
We have always defended these players and tried in every way to support and motivate them, not only for our club, but also for themselves and their careers. Unfortunately, there are those who ignore all this and choose manipulation and failure to perform their role with the necessary professionalism . We are not looking for the impossible, just a player who respects himself first and respects his club. And then their fans, not the players who are indifferent to the importance of the jersey they wear.
The time of indulgence is over, the more we raise your status, you meet us with complacency and indifference.

The problem today is that we are stronger than the others, and Wydad’s real opponent is Wydad himself.
We are the ones who beat ourselves up and give it to others on a platter.
We are also defeated because we have an incomprehensible president and we have not found a convincing answer about how he always prefers to live in the rhythm of problems and pressures and about running away in lies, deception and evasion instead of transparency and clarity.

In the past, we tried to directly intervene and practice reform without interference. Then we had to accept insults and insults instead of the main cause of this, not because of his eyes, but because of Wydad.
We still see a focal point of light and hope, we have not and will not despair, and we will remain behind this entity, always ready to defend and protect it.
But we fear that this focus will also be extinguished if coldness in dealing with the situation remains prevalent.
The “family” is still waiting to save what can be saved, and we will continue to hold on to the stability of the situation despite the huge waves that are tossing us. Or decisions that will help us escape to safety, or decisions that will throw us into the unknown and drown us.

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