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There is no doubt that raising children is the mother’s primary responsibility, and she often does it herself, either due to the forced or temporary absence of the father. responsibility in all cases remains with the mother. She also wants to get advice that would help her raise her child alone, so she met “My Lady and Your Child”, and in an exclusive interview with her, educational consultant Aref Abdullah, where he gives some tips for the success of this task as follows:

Caring for the child from an early age

A phase that requires patience and support
  • A mother often finds herself alone with a new child who needs care, and she may lose her father, either through travel, death or even divorce.
  • Therefore, taking care of the child is exhausting, especially in the postpartum period, and the mother must receive moral support from the environment.
  • And she must know that her mere existence does not mean that she is a failure, but that with a little organization she can go through the lactation phase and succeed in it, whether breastfeeding or artificially.
  • Her environment, be it her mother, mother-in-law or sister, can provide her with moral support, and this does not prevent her from communicating with a family specialist to give her advice for successful newborn care and overcoming the loss phase.

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Offer your child outside food

Absence of the father’s role affects the stage of infant feeding
  • There is no doubt that this is a difficult phase, because the mother is alone and the child has no one to encourage him.
  • In this case, the father can play an important role in encouraging the child to eat solid food, studies show, and the child at an early age imitates the father, tries to eat like him, and even follows the same chewing style. food.
  • The mother can substitute for the father by gradually teaching her child to eat from her hand and then from his hand, and she can sing him a lovely song in exchange for him swallowing new food. The task seems daunting, but it is necessary because the child must gradually feed him.

Cuddle the baby yourself

You will play the role of father and mother
  • At a later stage, the child must be pampered by his father and mother, and see other children in public places, for example, having fun with their parents. Therefore, you have a difficult task ahead of you, which is to be his world and at the same time integrate children into your life so to make it an early friendship.
  • You can be friends with an orphaned child, for example, or a child whose parents are divorced, etc. He will understand that the presence of his mother is the basis and will feel happiness, pampering and abundant feelings of love.
  • At the same time, do not remind the father of anything bad, on the contrary, when he grows up, tell him that if his father was present, he would play with him better than you and the like.

Talk about your father’s absence

Have a special relationship with him
  • At an early age, the child begins to ask about the father, and before the word mom can say the word “dad”, the child then begins to form his imperfect world from the presence of the father and the constant presence of the mother.
  • So, the mother must connect the son with the absence of the father and that he has gone to heaven, and we will meet him one day, at an advanced age.
  • And in case the father travels, it can be connected with him through social networks.
  • In the case of divorce, this problem is solved by agreement, mutual agreement and concern above all for the interests of the children, so that the mother does not mention the father in front of the child from any harm, no matter how big the problems between them are.
  • It is possible to avoid mentioning occasions that require the presence of the father or meeting children who have lost their fathers. To know that he is not the only one in the world who lives without a father and that life can give some children wonderful mothers.

Teach him responsibility

He must take responsibility without pressure
  • As long as you as a mother bear the responsibility yourself, the child must bear part of the responsibility for himself and according to his abilities.
  • Do not talk too much about the lack of money, for example, in front of him, and at the same time do not be extravagant in offering him money.
  • Teach him economics and that money must be spent with calculation because we don’t know what the coming days will be like.
  • And you have to teach him to take care of himself when he reaches school age and achieves many things in life without your presence; So as not to overload you.

Take care of his lessons and follow them

Let him bear the greater part of his learning
  • It is your responsibility to monitor your child’s education in the absence of the father, and the father can be an assistant in this task, but circumstances have led to you taking full responsibility for this.
  • Therefore, after the fourth grade, you should teach your child to do homework independently.
  • And before that, let him get graduate help; So that all the burden is not on you, especially in the presence of other children.
  • Don’t forget to seek help from the school and establish a good relationship with his teachers. Make it easy to review lessons and get the best grades.

Take care

take care
  • Do not neglect yourself and take care of exercise and outdoor walks.
  • Make sure you get a good night’s sleep and massage your skin. To always feel energetic, energetic and energetic.
  • You should make sure you eat a healthy diet and take supplements.
  • Meet friends and don’t live alone in the shell of sadness or failure, but renew your activity to spread positive energy in the lives of your children.
  • In the event that you are taking care of your children yourself due to a divorce, you must stop blaming yourself or scolding the children and talking about the weight of their responsibility, but you must accept the reality and be satisfied with what happened and start a new life for them.

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