A delegation of the National Transitional Council visited the Office for Youth and Sports in the province of Lahj

Members of the Youth and Sports Committee of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council, Iyad Ghanem and Abdel Fattah Al-Dawil, met this morning with Captain Khaled Al-Yamani, Director of the Youth and Sports Office, in his office in Lahj province.

During the meeting, Captain Khaled Al-Yamani welcomed the visit of the Youth Committee delegation to the National Assembly, wishing that such visits would be repeated in the interest and service of youth and sports activities in the province and raise the level of determination. in coordinating work and unifying efforts in achieving the necessary successes. For his part, he conveyed the greetings of the President of the National Assembly, Major General Ahmed Saeed bin Brik, to the delegation of the National Assembly to the Council of the Southern Transitional Council.

The delegation of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council spoke with the Director of the Office of Youth and Sports in Lahj Governorate, Khaled Al-Yamani, about the general sports situation within the province and reviewed the level of ongoing work related to the rehabilitation of the Muawiyah Sports Stadium in the capital of Lahj Al- Houta, and reviewed the most important obstacles that prevented its quick completion, according to what is the plan and decree, especially since it is the only stadium that represents the most prominent sports facilities in the province and was damaged as a result of the war waged by the Houthi militia.

Al-Yamani assured members of the National Assembly that the stadium is being worked on and will be in the process of completion after the month of Ramadan, and will be used to enhance the skills and abilities of the youth and athletes of the province. .

Al-Yamani justified the failure of his success by saying that an amount of (500) million was approved for his rehabilitation during the Ben Daghera government, but this amount has not yet been paid. Currently, the Prime Minister ordered the Minister of Finance about it, but the Minister of Finance demanded that it be approved by the Council of Ministers in the budget for 2023. The amount was personally worked out with the Minister of Youth and Sports, who in turn approved the amount of (400) million from the Ministry’s Youth Fund of youth and sports. Works and preparations for the stadium are carried out by the Ministry.

Al-Yamani justified the non-establishment of a football sports league at the governor’s level and the activation of all activities and games by the non-completion of the stadium, on the completion of which the sports league will be implemented and sports activities and games will be activated.

Al-Yamani explained that the governorate has (18) sports clubs and a club for Al-Maqatrah Directorate, and follow-up actions are underway to approve the Yahr club.

As for his communication, he confirmed that he had previously instructed the club leaders to deal with the youth and student administration of the Southern Transitional Council in Lahj Governorate, on the basis that the South is above all for everyone.

Al-Yamani referred to the members of the association in response to questions about whether there are regulations and systems that regulate the work of clubs and the formation of alliances, he confirmed that they exist, pointing out that there are approved quarterly allocations for clubs every six months, with the exception of temporary clubs, which they demand that they work for three years without any support. Until official approval, and that there are (32) federations in the province.

Regarding any ongoing participation of the governor abroad, Al-Yamani confirmed that the Karate Federation traveled to Al-Bujairah to participate in the UAE Championship, and were granted after accompanying him (4) four thousand dollars, and they will be present at other participations.

The delegation of the National Assembly praised the level of responsible response of the director of the Office for Youth and Sports in the governorate and his understanding of the importance of this meeting, stressing the need to redouble efforts to raise the level of work and improve sports. conditions in the province and redouble the ongoing efforts with the Ministry of Youth and Sports to complete the Martyr Muawiya Stadium, which has been a dream and a beacon to achieve the aspirations of young and conservative sportsmen.

Regarding the participation of the Al-Husseini clubs and the start of the handball tournament that will be held in Sana’a in about two weeks, he confirmed that he had warned the two clubs to participate, a position that reinforces the position of the Minister of Youth and Sports who refuses to do so, and who said that they were not going to participate.

Regarding any sports activity currently held for the office, he confirmed that there is a sports activity for popular teams in Al-Hajal area of ​​Tiban district.

Al-Yamani referred to the status and interest of the state of the South in various aspects, including sports, education and others, because schools were limited but represented a strong beacon for education, but when the policy of pluralism was adopted and every group had a school, education is wasted. And the Aden unit has now reached (8) clubs in Aden and Lahje. Iskra and avant-garde were now (18) clubs. With this plurality, the conspiracy began to disperse efforts to both support and remove content.

The director of the Office for Youth and Sports expressed his willingness to attend the headquarters of the local leadership of the Transitional Council of the Lahj Governorate for the purpose of practical coordination between the Office and the Transitional Youth Administration of the Governorate in order to raise the level of work, multiply efforts and overcome challenges in order to activate all sports and youth activities , expressing satisfaction with this meeting, which he said comes as a translation of the directives of President Aidarous Al-Zubaidi. He described him as an exceptional man from the stage.

The meeting ended with the organization of a meeting at the headquarters of the local leadership of the Transitional Governorate, bringing together the Director of the Office of Youth and Sports, Khaled Al-Yamani, and the Director of the Department of Youth and Students for the Transitional Governorate, Adham Al-Ghazali, to unite efforts and coordinate the work between them and work on contributing to the improvement of the reality of sports and youth activities going forward.

The meeting was attended by Walid Shawkra, director of the finance department of the local leadership of Al-Hout Transitional Council, Muhammad Abed Rabbo, president of Al-Tali’a Club, and Faisal Shawkra, former director of the sports office and adviser to the Office of Youth and Students for the Transitional Governorate Council.

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